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The 2020 Fall Dialexicon Journal received 85 submissions from 12 countries: Canada, Greece, US, Mexico, Hungary, UK, Indonesia, Slovenia, Turkey, Thailand, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia.

Announcing the Winner and Published Authors of the Dialexicon Fall 2020 Journal.

Congratulations to Julia Wright, who is our 2020 winner and recipient of the $500 prize, with her paper titled "The Animal Rights Movement in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic"

Published Authors - Featured in the Dialexicon Fall 2020 Journal

Kiki Ajayi (England) - "Does Violence have a place in Politics?"

Dimitrios Kouvaras (Greece) - "COVID-19: A Lesson of Freedom and Citizenship"

Sophie Nadalini (Canada) - "A Call for Nonviolent Protest"

Daniel Xu (USA) - "The Rebel in Black: A Black Existentialist Approach to the George Floyd Protests"

Emma Miléna Mészáros (Hungary) - "How Viktor Orban's Hungary is heading towards dictatorship during COVID-19"

Honorable Mentions:

Charles Amsellem (England)

Benjamin Allen (Hungary)

Aarian Bhakoo (Canada)

Eva Kamimura (Canada)

The 2020 Dialexicon Journal

2020 has been an unprecedented year. From the killing of George Floyd to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the breaking news never seems to end. The Fall 2020 volume of Dialexicon invites youth to write an argumentative essay which considers current events from a philosophical perspective.

Below are the prompts for the 2020 Dialexicon Journal, to be published in December. Your submission should respond to one of the following topics. Click on each heading to view the full prompt. For further questions or concerns, refer to the FAQs section at the bottom of the page.

Prompt 1: COVID-19 and Political Philosophy

Prompt 2: The Ethics of Cancel Culture

Prompt 3: Violent Protests and Justice

Prompt 4: Take a philosophical stance on any real-world issue or event of your choice.

The submissions deadline is November 1, 2020 at 11:59 pm EDT. Late submissions will not be accepted. It is possible that we will close the deadline for submissions prior to November 1 if we receive more submissions than we can evaluate. Because of this, we encourage you to avoid submitting your paper in the last week leading up to the deadline; early submissions are welcome.