Register for Logic Tutorials

Participate in free, interactive Zoom sessions to master the basics of logical analysis

A strong command of logical analysis is integral to the critical thinking process. Students who think and write logically thrive in academic arenas and on entrance exams such as the MCAT and LSAT.


Dialexicon is offering free, interactive logic tutorials to help you develop the skills necessary to separate themselves from the rest of the competition. If you plan on submitting a paper to Dialexicon, attending a logic tutorial is highly encouraged.

Who will be leading the logic tutorials?

Jeffrey Senese, the Communications and Outreach Coordinator at the University of Toronto Mississauga Philosophy Department. He is the advisory editor and an adjudicator of Dialexicon

What will be covered in these tutorials?

During these tutorials we will discuss the building blocks of a strong argument. We will unpack what it means for an argument to be valid, sound, and cogent; we will discuss the difference between deductive and inductive arguments, the various forms of valid argumentation, how to identify fallacies, and how to break arguments into standard form. These are all essential skills to have if one wishes to write a successful paper to Dialexicon, or any other philosophy journal for that matter.

How do I register?

To register, please email jeffrey.senese@utoronto.ca with the following information:


1. Subject line: Dialexicon Logic Tutorial


2. Hi, my name is [insert name] I am a student from [insert school name] from [insert name of province/territory/state and country]. I would like to attend a logic tutorial on [insert one of the dates below].

  • Sunday, Sept. 20th     1:00-2:30pm (EDT) - FULL

  • Saturday, Sept. 26th   1:00-2:30pm  (EDT) - FULL

  • Saturday, Oct. 3rd       1:00-2:30pm  (EDT) - FULL 

Further information, including a Zoom link, will be provided to those that register!

Our logic tutorials are complete. Thank you to all our attendees, from Greece to Indonesia!