The Death of Socrates

Welcome to Dialexicon.

A platform for youth to engage in philosophy.

Dialexicon = dialectic ('philosophical discourse') + lexicon ('language')

NOTE: According to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 'dialectic' describes "a method of philosophical argument that involves some sort of contradictory process between opposing sides." Refer to Plato's works or Hegel's dialectics.

What is Dialexicon?

Dialexicon is a platform for high school students to learn, discuss, and contribute to philosophical thought and writing. At the heart of the platform is our philosophy journal, Dialexicon, which publishes exceptional philosophical essays written by high school students. 

Socrates once said, "The unexamined life is not worth living." For youth, this rings true more than ever. Dialexicon provides an unparalleled opportunity to explore life's biggest questions, from the existence of a deity to the meaning of life or the ethics of mandatory lockdowns.

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