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What is the Dialexicon Journal?

Dialexicon is a journal aimed at fostering philosophical thinking and writing among high school students. Submitted papers undergo a multi-round review process, during which an adjudication panel consisting of philosophy faculty, graduate students, and debate coaches will evaluate papers and determine those worthy of publication.

Students whose papers are published receive:

  • An official publication for university applications and academic resumés
  • An interview with Dialexicon to discuss their paper and philosophy
  • A $100 check [only for the winner, NOT all published authors]

Introducing the 2022/23 Dialexicon Journal

The deadline for all entries into the Spring Volume has been extended to March 1, 2023.

Prompt 1: Free Speech

In light of Elon Musk’s recent takeover of Twitter, doubts have been raised about the future of the platform as a haven of free speech, raising important questions about the role social media ought to play in moderating discourse. To what extent do social media platforms have a duty to regulate or censor speech? What conflicting responsibilities are at play for these corporations, particularly Big Tech? How might these social media platforms regulate or censor speech in an effective manner, if at all?

Prompt 2: Human Rights

The 2022 Qatar World Cup is underway amid controversies about its host country. Beneath the glitter and glory surrounding the speculation of which country will bring home the trophy lies the revelations that Qatar has exploited thousands of migrant workers to build its stadiums (including neglecting deaths), is guilty of human rights abuses (i.e. criminalizing homosexuality), and findings of bribery and corruption. Should Qatar have been allowed to host the World Cup? In general, should countries with poor human rights records be banned from hosting renowned international sporting events? And do fans have a duty to boycott these events (i.e. by refusing to tune in, not purchasing merchandise) or should enjoying sports be separated from geopolitics?

Prompt 3: Generative AI

Recent years have seen an incredible rise in the number of artificial intelligence (AI) generated artworks and other forms of creative expression, otherwise known as ‘Generative AI’. This has spawned a host of thorny ethical concerns, for instance, surrounding copyright claims, misinformation, and downright bad inventions. On net, is generative AI likely to be good for humanity? If an AI were to write a book or create a painting, is it truly the creator - or is it the human who programmed it? How might we ethically regulate Generative AI?

Prompt 4: Effective Altruism

The Effective Altruism (EA) movement has simultaneously generated controversy and admiration, advocating for the use of ‘evidence’ and ‘reason’ to benefit others as much as possible. The recent FTX fraud scandal has provoked discussion on just how ‘effective’ and ethical the movement is, given that its founder, Sam Bankman-Fried, is a prominent effective altruist. One of his reasons for founding FTX was to earn as much as possible to be able to donate more to charity, a tenet of the EA movement called ‘Earn to Give’. In your opinion, is the Effective Altruism movement ethical? Should we, as ordinary citizens, participate in it? Is ‘Earn to Give’ an admirable or a problematic notion?

Prompt 5: Choose your own prompt!

How do I write a strong paper for Dialexicon?

To assist you in writing a strong submission, you may want to consult the following resources:

Dialexicon Rubric
Guide to Writing a Strong Philosophy Essay

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Note: The deadline for entries into the Spring Volume has been extended to March 1, 2023.